Although printer models are many, but arranged them all about the same. If this method for your model does not fit, you will be able to see for yourself. Also the following methods can only be used printer's. Not forget about the manual - if you bought a new printer, you had to give all instructions must include information on removing the print cartridges. If you have a multifunction device, it's likely that none of the methods will not work.
Power on the printer. Wait for a while until it completely will not start. Then open the cover of the printer. After opening the carriage with the printhead where you inserted the cartridges will begin to move. Wait until it fully stops. You can then remove the cartridge.
In many models of printers just pull the cartridge itself. In this way, the cartridge is removed from the clamp, then it should just pull out (typical for Canon printers). If the cartridge can not be, better not to hurry and not to exert unnecessary effort. Let's see, there are a lock lever. If there is, then just move him to another position, after which the cartridge can be removed.
Also in some printer models in order to remove the cartridges from the clamp, you just need gently to put pressure on them (as is typical for many models of Epson). Then you hear a click. Now the cartridges can be pulled out.
Owners of Canon printers IP series first, for example, it is easier to remove the print head and then remove the print cartridge. To do this, after stopping the carriage with the print head drag lock lever in the down position, then remove the printhead cartridge. To do this, take it from the top and gently pull down.