You will need
  • - anti-corrosion agent;
  • - polishing machine;
  • - protective film;
  • - special sponge.
Even if you bought the car directly off the Assembly line, it is still need to further process corrosion protection agent. Pay special attention to those surfaces that are most susceptible to damage. If you don't know what it details, please consult at the dealership or any service, specializing in the appropriate repair works.
Used cars must be handled at least 1-2 times a year.
First thoroughly wash the car, including the bottom. Experts recommend to use for cleaning machine water heated to 60-80 degrees. The sink actually spent in three stages. First "soaking". It helps to soak all the dust that has accumulated on the body and the underside of the car. The second stage - the application of chemicals. Their task is finally to clean the surface from contamination. And finally, rinsing, i.e. the ultimate washing machine.
Do not apply anti-corrosion agent on the unseasoned car. Typically, drying is recommended to blow the car with a special fan. And don't forget to carefully handle them different joints and internal welds and surfaces. Because excessive moisture in hard to reach places is a quick method to corrosion of parts.
After all the preparatory procedures required to carefully inspect the car. It is very important to identify all defects, cracks, scratches, chips, etc. before treatment. All problem areas must be repaired. Minor damage to sand, Prime and paint. If there is too deep of damage, they need to be straightened, also primed and painted. If you do not, the car, despite treatment, will still be prone to the spread of rust on the body.
The bottom of the car also needs to be very carefully examined. To make it easier, raise the vehicle on a Jack or put it on the pit, remove the wheels and put more lights under the bottom of the car. In some cases it is preferable to supply for the inspection of the UV lamp.
Don't forget to protect part of the machine parts before processing - remove the wiper blades, cover, seat foil, pull the entire length of the seat belt and remove all the things, including the spare wheel from the trunk.
Internal parts protect anti-corrosion treatment by means of a spray. So it will be easier. And the result is guaranteed higher quality. On the body the oil is applied with a sponge. Then ground wool round polishing machine. Allow machine to dry, the treatment is finished.