The main cause of the panic is human selfishness. Someone does not agree with this, but if you look at the root of the problem, we can understand that the cause of all the fears and worries is the human "I". To panic is needed for a reason – for example, you're afraid that look bad and worried about what you think about. But if you deeply care about who and what you think or say, panic would not exist. Hence the conclusion – you need to change your attitude to what surrounds you.
Do not worry due to the fact that someone may have about you something to think about. For example, you walk down the street and you think everyone is looking at you, evaluate your appearance and clothes. You blush, embarrassed look down, speed step... If this situation sounds familiar to you, begin to change it. To start take it on faith that you are deeply indifferent passers-by, all busy with their own thoughts and deeds. Are you interested in those people that I go to meet you? Unlikely. Similarly, they don't pay any attention to you. They care about you, they are not looking at you. And if we look, just so you do not have to face.
Learn to feel the street safely. Never in a hurry, let your step be calm and measured. If you've shut people out, but now change the situation – start yourself to look at them. In your opinion should be just interest, curiosity, but not the rating. Don't make judgements, just watch. Here is the secret: if you look at the person, he would not behave towards you aggressively. But it have to be a keen interest and curiosity of the child discovering the world. This exercise will help you to open up, to get rid of internal stiffness. If the answer to your mind people looking at you, in any case, don't give quickly eyes, not hide. Just a barely noticeable smile and move on.
Make a list of what is bothering you, it makes nervous. Work, relationship with colleagues, superiors, friends, spouse... Find everything that makes you panic. After that, methodically, right down the list, start to comprehend what would happen if your worst fears are confirmed. For example, you are afraid that you might dismiss. Well, imagine that you were fired. Will this situation for you by the end of the world? It's not, you can always find yourself another job. Is it better, worse, but I can. So it makes no sense to torture yourself and to survive. Do a good job, but don't worry about it. And so on all list items. Don't forget that many of the fears are absolutely not required to be realized. For example, you are afraid that your child might get hit by a car, in the kitchen can explode gas, etc., etc. From such silly fears need to get rid of in the first place.
Remember that scared, nervous, worried, panicking the worst part of your self. No it is not supported. Intentionally get away from bad thoughts. Feel your strength, ability to overcome any adversity. Try to be optimistic – expect the best, but don't worry, when something goes not as you expected. Reduce the level of its ambitions and claims, it will help you to get rid of the huge reservoir of experiences. More walk in nature, go to theatres, museums, read good books. Concentrate on the good and you will see first hand how your life will turn for the better.