You will need
  • - pharmacy chamomile
  • - potassium permanganate
  • - hot water bottle with warm water
  • green tea, broth hips, fennel seeds or parsley roots
  • - a decoction of the branches of cherries or cherry
In the event of acute cystitis, first, appear cutting pains in lower abdomen when urinating and a fever. For a person suffering from cystitis is characterized by frequent visits to the toilet, and the urine becomes cloudy appearance and it can be blood.
To cure cystitis, you should drink plenty of water, try to limit your physical activity, and in any case not SuperCool. Cystitis better refrain from eating spicy, salty, and fatty foods.
To minimize discomfort, you can apply the following means. Buy in a drugstore Daisy. To make the broth, Bay 3-4 teaspoons of chamomile in two liters of water, bring to the boil and give her infusions for 10 minutes, then strain. The resulting liquid is poured into a wide basin, and then placed over him so that the sore spot is warmed. After cooling the broth to add to it hot water. Also in the absence of chamomile can be used in small concentrations of potassium permanganate.
There is another very effective and simple way of dealing with this disease. Does red brick, is divided into several parts and is heated in the fire. The brick is placed into a metal container, e.g. a bucket. Then you need to sit on a bucket, pre-wrapping the edges with a towel. After cooling, the bricks need to tighten between the legs of a hot water bottle with warm water and go to bed.
To cure cystitis, as well as to reduce exposure to inflammatory processes, patients are advised to drink as many warm liquids such as green tea, broth hips, fennel seeds or roots of parsley, tea with milk. Good result gives decoction of the branches of a cherry or cherries. When exacerbations of the disease it is extremely important to limit yourself from drinking alcoholic and carbonated beverages and juices containing acid.