You will need
  • Free TeamViewer program.
  • You may need the program RAdmin (for file transfer).
TeamViewer – the program is free if not used for commercial purposes. Download it on both computers (http://www.teamviewer.comand install, while installing choose “personal / non-commercial use”.
The server computer is the main computer that will be connecting. And the client is the computer of the call connection.
Run the program after installation and find the column “ID”. It is your personal code (ID), which the program automatically assigns a PC. In the field “Password” is the password. The password is automatically generated each time you run the program and every time – new.
After starting the program on the server, run it on the client. At the bottom of the program, the phrase should be “Ready to connect”. If the phrase appeared, the server tells the client its data (“ID” and “Password”) any communication channel.
The user behind the computer client enter “ID” in the right part of the program specifies the item “Remote support” and presses “Connect to partner”.
After a few seconds, depending on connection speed, the client computer will be prompted to enter a password. After entering you will see the desktop of the second computer and can manage them using the Windows shell.