You will need
  • - operating system Windows XP and newer;
  • - administrator account.
To start, select the desired settings for the operating system on the computer to which you will connect. In Windows XP to do this, click "start" and right click the mouse on the icon "My computer". Select "Properties". All the described operations should be run using the administrator account.
Open the tab "Remote". Activate the option "allow users to connect remotely to this computer". To do this, check the box next to the item.
Now, create a list of accounts with which remote users will be able to access this computer. Click "Select users". Go to "Add".
Enter the names of the accounts that can use remote access to the computer. Remember that the account information must be present in your operating system. Create new accounts if they do not exist.
To configure the connection to the computer in Windows Seven, use the "dial" menu in the "System". Access to it can be accessed through the control panel.
Connect to your computer. In Windows XP, open "start menu" and browse to the utilities list located in the directory "Standard". Click on the icon with the header "Connect to remote desktop".
Specify the IP address of the computer. If your PC gets Internet access through the VPN connection, enter the external IP address. Click "Connect". Wait until the menu appears enter your user name and password. Fill in the form and press the "Next"button.
When working with Windows Seven you can send an invitation to a specific user. Use this function if you want to connect to your PC without using an existing account.