Melted fat.Wash the fat with water then cut it into slices. Take the saucepan and put it on the fire. On the bottom of the pan during heating lay all cut pieces. Fire the fat on slow fire. Appeared a layer of fat, remove the spoon, pass it through a thin gauze fabric in the prepared capacity: glass or clay. Melted fat is stored up to 3 years and is not only used for food purposes, but for therapeutic and even cosmetic.
Salting.Fat when salting is impossible to overdo, it is believed that the fat absorbs exactly as much salt as necessary to achieve the best taste. So, prepare the brining. 1 kg. of fat take 3-4 tbsp of salt 1 tbsp of black pepper, at your discretion, can add a mixture of dried herbs. Cut into large julienne garlic. Cut the bacon slices 4-5 cm wide, lard it with garlic and roll in zasolochny mixture. Take an enamel bowl and lay the slices in layers, each layer while sprinkling spices. Leave to colitisa in a cool place for 3-5 days. After the specified time prepared with lard, wrap with cling film and store in the refrigeratorand in the freezer this fat can be stored for a year.
Smoking.Smoking fat requires a special smoker with certain varieties of wood: alder, willow, poplar, etc.
Zasolochny prepare a mixture of prescription No. 2. Bacon cut into strips 15-20 cm long Sliced pieces of bacon, roll in the mixture and leave in the fridge for 2-3 days. Impregnated with a mixture of fat good wipe with a paper towel. Take the hooks of the smokehouse and attach them to the pieces of bacon. To keep these pieces of the smoke in the smokehouse must be at least 3 hours. Bacon stored in the fridge for about a year.