You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - registration and licensing documents;
  • premises;
  • suppliers;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
To become the owner of a chain of stores, you first need to select the product that you sell. When the range you approximately decide, make a business plan for the future of the organization. In principle, it is possible to calculate the expenses and income for only one shop, all the rest will be about the same.
Register your firm in tax inspection. It is best to open a limited liability company, but also to individual entrepreneurs was not forbidden to open a trading network. Depending on the type of products you may need various permits.
If funds for the opening of several stores you are not, try to start with the organization of the work of the outlets in your place of residence. Pick up the premises, make repairs, install equipment.
By entering into agreements with suppliers, just inform them about your plans and discuss the possibility of granting you a discount if you increase volume of purchases.
Pick up employees. In the future, the network functioned efficiently, you will need not only employees of a trading hall, but the Manager for each store. To provide legal, accounting, janitorial and other services you can seek the assistance of specialized firms, in order not to spend for nothing the efforts.
Next, you should take care of the advertising. It can be advertised in local media, posters, flyers, banners. Well, the store opening was expected, loud and memorable. Special attention should be paid to the choice of the name of the network of stores and the development of corporate identity. If you have your own resources is not enough, it can be entrusted with the branding of the company.
When the first store opened and started a successful activity, you can proceed to the next. Only now you will be easier to obtain borrowed funds for a business plan or secured first store.