You will need
    • horseradish roots;
    • salt;
    • sugar;
    • vinegar.
Take the roots and soak them in water for 10-15 minutes to rid of excess dirt and sand. After that, clean the shit from the rind. The thickness of the shear layer depends on the quality of the source material. Sometimes the shit is so corrupted that if you try to clean it from traces of insects cut off nearly all the greater part of the root.
Cleaned the hell should rinse again, then grind to a smooth consistency. Thrill-seekers can use a grater, but in this case it is necessary immediately to prepare a handkerchief or towel. Vapors released during crushing of hell, his field is not inferior to the onion. So it is much easier to use the grinder on top of which fits over an ordinary plastic bag and secured with a rubber band.
Scrolled the hell put in a glass jar, pour in a little boiling water, add sugar and salt. The water makes the seasoning softness. The amount of salt and sugar depends on the taste preferences, but on jar of 200 grams is enough spice on the tip of a knife. If hell is being prepared specifically for serving and not for subsequent storage in the refrigerator, other additives are not required.
In that case, when the horseradish is harvested for future use, add a little vinegar. Store the seasoning you need in the dish, sealed cover, otherwise hell lose his scent. In the refrigerator of the Bank with horseradish can stand a few weeks, but tastes best obtained fresh horseradish.