Preserving horseradish

Horseradish leaves can be pickled for the winter, then adding as a seasoning for a spicy taste.

There are several ways of marinating the leaves of horseradish:

1. The leaves are washed, dried in a dark place, chop into large pieces. Next, put in a jar with layers of salt, leaves, salt and so on. It is advisable to put all in a sterile jar thick layers to get something like a brine.

2. The greens can be used as a seasoning for other dishes that need to pickle or marinate for use later in the winter. For example, the famous sauce called "Bollocks", to which there are many recipes. Here's one:

For cooking need:

- tomatoes 1-1. 5 kg;
- garlic to taste (3-5 pieces);
- 150-300 g of leaves of horseradish;
- salt and sugar to taste.

Garlic should be cleaned. Horseradish leaves rinse thoroughly. Tomatoes wash and remove the stem. To scroll all through a meat grinder.

Before chopping the leaves of the horseradish should be put on the neck of the grinder plastic bag to the eyes are not irritated just as it happens when you slice into an onion.

After grinding all the ingredients mix them well and add sugar and salt to taste.

For more flavor, place a "thing" in the fridge for a day. When you need to pull out and close to ready to twist the banks.

Preparation of cans

When the "thing" rises, you can start to sterilize the jars. To do this, half-fill with water a small pan, bring to boil and put on top of the sieve. While the water boils, rinse cans and put one washed on a sieve bottom up. After a couple of minutes to remove and put on a clean towel. The following banks also be prepared to twist.

Other methods of harvesting leaves of horseradish

Sasuske. Thoroughly rinse the leaves of horseradish and place in a well-ventilated, but dark room, until completely dry. After this procedure, the plant must be crushed and put in storage in a closed jar. Dried leaves can also on the battery or in a slightly heated oven. In addition to the cans to keep the fuck can handfuls in marl.

Storing fresh. Put the wet leaves in a plastic bag, close tightly and put into the refrigerator. As such, the plant is stored for about six months.

Frost. The leaves are washed, give water to dry, tightly closed in the package or container, put in the freezer.