You will need
    • fuck fresh 1 kg
    • water 250 ml
    • vinegar 6% 125 ml (or citric acid 20 g)
    • salt
    • sugar 0.5 tbsp.
    • banks (preferably small)
    • cover and machine-rolling.
The fresh roots of horseradish wash, preferably under running water, and soak for about a day. Water change, the roots it is best to have a complete rest in very cold water.
Carefully clean the roots and immediately begin to scroll through them in the meat grinder. To avoid the tears that inevitably causes hell, put in a meat grinder, a plastic bag and wrap a rope or thread. Fuck highlights volatile, they and irritate the nose and eyes – in the nose it stings, can be opened non-stop sneezing, in the eyes appears rez, they are very watery. In short, without precautions, in the form of a package, you can hardly bring it with cooking seasoning until the end. However, the doctors assure that troubles are caused by the hell, is very useful, because volatile does not leave chances for the existence of harmful microbes. But if you at the time of preparation of horseradish suffer from a runny nose or mild cold after you've finished workpiece from the symptoms of the disease will not be over.
Boil water. Remove from heat and dissolve in it the salt and sugar. Add vinegar or citric acid.
Pour this solution into the resulting slurry of milled horseradish and stir quickly, then immediately close the pot with a lid - all for the same reason the extraordinary Hotness of the plant.
Sterilize the prepared jars. Right in the hot banks quickly spread ready to fuck and screw caps. Canned horseradish is ready.