You will need
  • Software that allows you to burn a disc image.
To create such a disk is not necessary to buy expensive "blanks". The entry in the usual way from the entry for the console is no different. Suitable for both DVD-R and DVD+R. the Only console of this series, which does not accept DVD+R is a release of 2001.
To create a disc use a disc with a single recording. RW discs will not work, they will contain many errors.
To write to the disk, you can use any program whose function it is writing the image to disk. Such programs include: Alcohol 120%, UltraISO. Below will be programs in which you can do it. The process of downloading and installing the program will not be affected. Painted is itself written to disk.
To burn a disc Play Station 2 in Alcohol 120% should be in the main window, click Image Burning Wizard, which is located in the left pane.
In the opened window specify the path to your file (disk image) by clicking the Browse button.
In the next window, specify the disk-write speed (Write Speed), it is desirable to choose a smaller value. Low write speed of high quality. You must also specify the type of disk that you are recording (Datatype) – Play Station 2. Press Start to perform the write operation.
To burn a disc Play Station 2 in the program UltraISO, you must on the toolbar, click the disk image.
As in the previous example, specify the speed of the disc and the data type of the disk. Click the "Burn"button.