Select one of the programs designed to create and work with disk images. The mdf format support, for example, the application Alcohol 120% ( or Daemon Tools ( Both of these programs are not free but have a "trial period" during which they can be used not buying. In addition, there are versions with reduced functionality generally do not require payment. For example, this version of the application Daemon Tools has the addition of Lite and can be downloaded from the page Provided there is enough to work with disk images to mdf format.
Download and install the selected application into your computer. As a rule, each program adds to the Windows registry entries that affect the capabilities of the Conductor. So there is no need to launch the application to use features for working with mdf file - it is possible to make in the usual way, through a Conductor.
Open the file Manager by double-clicking the icon "Computer" on your desktop or selecting the item with the same name in the main menu of the operating system (on the "start" button). Directory tree, navigate to the folder where the disk image with the extension. mdf, find it and double-click the left mouse button. Note - files with the same name can be two, but one of them will have an mdf extension and the other mds.
The result of this action Explorer file extension determines the application that in the registry is associated with that file type will launch it and give it to your specified disk image to be processed. This program will set you on the second step application, it "mounts" the disk image and everything will be the same as if you insert an optical disc into the reader.