Planting dill in the garden

Planting dill to carry out better in the late autumn or early spring in well-heated area. Just before sowing seeds should be treated with hot water and a little sprout. To do this, take a gauze bag, folded in it the seeds, put it in a glass and let stand for 3 days in warm water. Water should be changed several times a day. A similar technique will allow you to disinfect seeds and to accelerate the emergence of shoots.

After a time the seeds should be transferred into gauze bags, cover steamed sawdust or pieces of damp cloth and leave for another 4 days to see sprouts. Then the seeds is a bit dry and sow in moist ground in dense rows. Planting depth – 1-1,5 cm If desired, you can also spend the sparging of seeds in water during the day and/or hydrothermal aeration. For such purposes, is it possible to use the compressor from the tank.

Sowing seeds of dill on the windowsill

If you want to get an early harvest or have all winter, fresh greens, it is possible to carry out the planting of fennel at home – on the windowsill. Before sowing, prepare boxes or pots, fill with soil rich in humus. Moisten the ground. Seeds should be planted at the rate of 40 g per 1 m2. Sown dill you need to top covered with layer of fertile soil. Land on top of a little compacted. The drawers cover it with cellophane wrap and set on the sills of the Windows, South-facing and have Windows.

Dill does not require special growing conditions, can grow if the air temperature is minus 17-19 ° C, but good illumination and ventilation it needs. In winter it also needs additional lighting. For this purpose you can use fitolampy with a capacity of 40-80 Watts. Install should be directly above the plant at a height of 60 cm.

Planting dill in the greenhouse

There are many ways of growing dill in the greenhouse – as with other plants, such as parsley and as a separate culture. The main way to do this is to prepare the seeds for planting the same as for planting in the open ground. Then land in the landing tank to moisten, loosen, make grooves depth of 3-4 cm Sow the dill at the rate of 3 g per 1 sq. m. of soil. On top of it cover with thin layer of soil. The earth moistened with the spray.