So, to begin with parsley. It is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes. To grow parsley on the windowsill in several ways. The most common of them is the planting of seeds and the distillation of roots. There is one secret that helps to grow parsley on the windowsill from seed. Seeds germinate quickly when seeding keep them for about an hour under running warm water. Then they are soaked for another day.
Deepen the seeds of only 0.5 cm, and the top cover layer of soil, not exceeding 1 centimeter. Before sprouting capacity with seedlings should be in a dark place. Water through the day. After sprouts appear, move the receptacle on the window sill where there is a constant good lighting. Seedlings need to be thinned. Between them should be 4 inches. The result can already be seen after 6 weeks. If you use "patch" for a long time, then be sure to take care of the fertilizer. For this purpose, any floral blend.
Quite a popular pastime at this time is to grow parsley on the windowsill. This popularity was mainly because of low cost and great efficiency. The greens, especially in winter, brings the human body a big favor. The fact that there are quite a few vitamins that one needs in the winter and not only.