There are special programs that detect the coincidence with already published content. Selected phrases, sentences or paragraphs change, not to lose the meaning. I.e. write the same thing but in different words. Use synonyms or words/phrases similar in meaning. Modify your text until anti-plagiarism will cease to find fault with him. If you have tried everything, but the measure of uniqueness has not improved, just delete this part of the text. When without it can not do, complete article more any information. Your plagiarism against the overall uniqueness will not be much evident, and programs more will appreciate your work.
Of course, the programs can be wrong. Sometimes they find coincidences in the most unexpected places. For example, in the article about how to store vegetables (onion), you can point to a borrowing from an article about the storage of sports equipment. If such comments are, then you can break your offer a few additions (refinements) text. In any case, if you want to achieve uniqueness in an honest way, you will have to work on his compositions. Thus, the uniqueness of your texts will depend on your brilliance.
There are a couple of ways to change the text so that it became unique. But decent content exchanges they, to put it mildly, not welcome.Program sinonimayzer" replaces the words to their synonyms. The result is a unique... nonsense. Sloppy, incoherent and absolutely useless text. For example, the line: "I remember a wonderful moment" converted to: "I am in no way forget the wonderful moment". Such "masterpieces" will send you back, in the best case, with the simple request: "rewrite".The second method is even worse. Replacement of Russian letters in English (where possible). Yes, it will not be noticeable at first glance. For example: "I remember a wonderful moment" and "I remember a wonderful moment". The first was written by Pushkin, and the second is you. And no-plagiarism you do not understand, where and from whom you ripped off. But this fraud is already known. Revealed when you copy text in word. Send a text to the customer, and the scandal provided to you.