You will need
  • A computer with Internet connection.
To make bold text in a file, select it and click the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select the Font", and in the new window, in the list Style, select Bold. Save the settings.
Can not opening this window, highlight the text and find the toolbar at the top. Called font hit the Russian letter "W" or the English "B".
Blog when creating a new message, open the "HTML" (but not "Visual editor"). Type your message and put the cursor at the beginning of the allocated fragment.
Insert the tag: < b > (without spaces). Go to the end of the allocated fragment and insert another tag: < / b > (also without spaces).
You can make bold a font size one pixel larger than the rest of the message. In the beginning of the highlighted text, check the tag, removing the spaces: < b > < f o n t s i z e = "+ 1 " > (the words “font size” in the end should be separated). Instead unit can supply a different number, then the font will increase by another number of pixels.
At the end of bold font put the tags: < / f o n t > < / b >. Spaces are not needed.
If you want to select bold color, at the beginning insert the tags, removing the spaces: < b > < s p a n s t y l e = "c o l o r : b l u e" >. “Blue” is blue color. You can type in English any other color if you want. At the end of the highlighted text and insert the tags without spaces: < / s p a n > < / b >