You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights.
Take documentation from your computer. Suitable warranty card or instruction — any document where there is a complete list of the computer components. Look for the point where the recorded processor. If the AMD processor, then its number of cores is judged by the combination of symbol X and the numbers. For example, x2 means that the processor dvuhnuclear. If Intel CPU, then the number of cores say the words Core 2 Duo, Dual (dual-core), Quad (Quad-core), and the number after the letter "i".
Go into the BIOS of the motherboard, in section Standard CMOS Features or Advanced BIOS Features (depends on BIOS). It indicates the processor model, its frequency, cache size and so on. You can view all information in the system.
Run the utility DirectX (start — > Run —> dxdiag —> press Enter). On the main tab of the program in the corresponding line will be indicated the full name of the processor. Go to "device Manager". Locate components item related to the processor, and expand the label. The number of processor cores corresponds to the number of rows.
Start "device Manager" (right-click on the "taskbar —> start task Manager"). On the Performance tab, count the number of identical fields — it will point to the number of processor cores. CPU — Central link of the computer. The processor characteristics are important indicators of the performance of the entire computer. However, it should be borne in mind that the computer consists of a set of components, and they all affect its speed, so it fully impossible to say that the CPU is the most important part of the computer.