You will need
  • The computer program TuneUp Utilities
The number of processor cores you can learn how in a systematic way, and with the help of additional software. If you just need to know the information about the number of cores in the processor and without any additional details, use a systematic way. To do this, in the context menu of My computer select "Properties". In the window that appears, select the "device Manager". A menu appears with information about the equipment that is installed on the computer. Find the line "Processors". Opposite to this row there is an arrow, click on it. Then you will see how many cores the processor on your computer.
If you need more detailed information about the processor and each kernel, you will need to install additional software. Download and install TuneUp Utilities. Run the program. Wait until the program will scan your computer. In the top menu and select "Fix problems". Then go to the tab "Show system information". A window will appear with the title "overview". There is also information about the number of cores of your CPU, but it is only superficial.
In order to get more detailed information, click on the tab "System devices". The window displays information about processor type, amount of cache memory, BIOS version. Please note on the window "CPU". In addition to its characteristics then there is a tab "Details of CPU". Click on this tab, which opens a window with most detailed information on each core of your processor. In the ensuing window there is a tab "Features". Clicking on this tab, you will see which technologies are supported by the processor and which are unavailable. If the processor supports a particular technology, next to it will be a green check mark.