You will need
  • Cigarillos
  • Lighter or matches
To start Smoking cigarillos, pull them out of the package. Many cigarillos one end has the filter. It should be placed in the mouth. The other end of the cigarillos should be ignited.
In order to light a cigarillo, use matches or a very small fire lighters. When you hold the flame to the end of the cigarillos, take a deep breath to smoke it.
Keep the cigarillo between your thumb and forefinger. For convenience, you can still support her middle. Therefore, you usually hold a cigarette smokers, and it is also considered optimal for cigarillos. In any case, you can hold it as you choose, the main thing - try not to burn yourself.
Inhale and enjoy the tobacco taste. But don't breathe too deeply. In order to convey the taste of tobacco, just suck the air through the mouth lips. In the same way you drink through a straw. Hot air passing through the stoned part of cigarillos and heated about a fire, will bring you the fullness of flavor.
After that, exhale the smoke through your mouth.
Repeat this process until the cigarillo is not to burn out. But remember that cigarillos, like cigars, produce a very dense, heavy smoke which should not get into your lungs. Smokers of cigarettes, which often breathe in the smoke of cigarettes completely, and for this reason can find Smoking cigarillos too complicated.