To sew a hemstitch "Column", type on the needle 3-5 thread on the bottom edge of the product from left to right. Pull the thread and pull it to the side of the fabric, and then obviate the resulting column of thread left to right through the needle. Sew the columns of threads in the same place, taking two threads of the fabric. Then go to the opposite side of the product and re-private posts from threads.
Beautiful openwork decoration in the shape of the letter "X" to accomplish first, sew a hemstitch "Column", and then in the middle of it with a needle and thread to gather in the two columns together and make them a bundle, picking up the thread two column, passing under them, and then twisting them and tightening. Make on knot for strength second loop.
Another type of heirloom is merezhka "Polotnyanko". To accomplish such a pattern, do the edges of the product on both sides of postrock. Combine multiple columns in one binding thread of the air loop.
Fasten the thread on podstrazje between the posts at the bottom, obvate two columns on the left and then go up and right for two columns, then scroll down to the start of the air loop. Run the second air loop, twisting the thread postrock to the fifth column. Between the fifth and fourth columns do the same for the second air loop.
On the basis of the heirloom "Column", you can easily openwork flooring. Fix the threading on the openwork "style" and start to move from right to left, picking up on the needle four columns placing the first column under the needle, the second on the needle, and the third under the needle and the fourth needle again over.
Then drag the string back, gaining the fourth column under the needle, one needle, the second - under the needle and the first needle. Pull the string and send it again from right to left, continuing to wrap this way for all other columns.