For removing mirrors with manual adjustment to loosen the bracket adjustment knob of a mirror and remove the handle. With the inside of the door remove the mirror pad. To do this, unplug the upper part, slide the cover plate up and remove it from the door. Remove the three screws attaching the mirror itself and remove the mirror. Remove the rubber gasket that sits between the mirrorm and the door. If the gasket is damaged, replace it with a new one. When installing the mirror, proceed in reverse order. The backlash in the adjustment mechanism of the mirror is eliminated by tightening the screw located near the handle adjustment.
To remove the mirror with electric actuator remove the trim from the inside of the door as in claim 1. Unscrew the screw holding the mirror electrical connector and disconnect the connector. Unscrewing the screws of the mirror, remove it from the door. Do not forget to remove and check the condition of rubber gasket between the mirrorm and the door. The installation, perform the steps in reverse order.
For removing the mirror glass, rotate the glass so that its inner side is the maximum drowned herself in the mirror housing. In other words, click on the mirror glass inside forward. Insert a plastic or wooden wedge between the housing and the mirror glass. Carefully remove the mirror glass. Please note: the mirror glass is glued to the motor. So caution when removing will not break the glass. In the presence of a heated mirror, disconnect the electrical connectors from the heating element of the mirror. When removing the mirror glass opens the possibility of lifting the engine adjust the mirror.
On older model Mercedes can be found outside mount mirrors to the door on the three bolts. For its removal fold the mirror back, Unscrew the bolts and pull the mirror housing out. At the same screwdriver to press down lightly on the spring bracket holding the mirror. After removing the mirror housing, the spring in the upper part of the glass out of gear. Disconnect the heated mirror.