You will need
  • metal corner welding machine, drill, mesh, hacksaw
Hockey gate to the yard site is easy to fabricate on their own. A hacksaw cut metal corner rack woodwork: 4 PCs 122 cm, cross bar 1 PC - 187 cm, 2 PCs 87 cm (lower and upper rear crossbar), 2 pieces 112 cm top, connecting the upper front rail upper rear, and 4 units at 122 cm at the crossbar that connects the side posts of the gate with the rear struts top and bottom. So your gate will have a trapezoidal shape when viewed from above.
With the help of welding machine weld the front and rear frames of the gate, the front will have the bottom rail and the rear will consist of the side posts, top and bottom rails between them. Weld the front frame to the back using 6 rails: 2 top and 2 bottom on each side, 2 on top at a right angle to the front crossbar.
Drill around the perimeter of the outer frame holes for fastening mesh. Clean the weld with sandpaper and paint gate paint on metal: the outer frame in red color, the back and the crossbar - white.
Pull the gate grid, using the drilled holes. Install gates on the field and before each on the surface of the ice field, apply a red line 5 cm wide, inside the line color square collar in blue color.