In the process of writing the case highlights the main stages: research, analysis and actual writing. You should start with research. Pre-find out what has already been written and published concerning the topic, and refer to more important publications, and statistical data.
Consider how you will sort the data. So that the situation described in your case, was clear to readers. It is necessary to bring all available data together, and then proceed to the selection and sorting this information in order to perform it.
Next, state the problem or question you wish to offer readers.
Divide the case into sections or subtopics, for example, as follows: introduction to the essence of the problem, a brief General description of property (location, history, features and development), review of information.
Offer analysis of the information reflected in the tables or graphs that you include in your case. Express different assumptions as to why this object is not popular.
Ask a question: whether to attract to this target the mass market and what consequences it will cause? Give this issue special attention.
Also create a sub-theme devoted to the state policy – what role does it play in production in relation to the object, what is allowed and what is prohibited, what steps are being taken and how effective they are.
Opportunities for business development. Show your entrepreneurial skills. Create new services and opportunities.
Make some calculations to make sure that your assumptions and ideas are realistic.
To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the project will apply the SWOT analysis. On this analysis, define opportunities and threats for the object.
Analyze the risks and benefits to the socio-economic situation may bring a promotion in your chosen property on the market and what measures should be taken to reduce adverse effects.
Write a conclusion. Here instead of leave you have formulated a response to previously raised in the opening case question at the very end of the narrative, it is best ask your readers a few different issues.