The company Tele 2 has a wide selection of tariff plans targeting different customer needs. For lovers of "live" conversations, you can choose a tariff with low-cost outgoing calls. Those who need the Internet, you should choose a tariff plan available for use by the world wide web. The hotel has rates with favorable roaming. Pick up is required, the service of the company Tele 2.
Change of the tariff plan by visiting the office of the company Tele 2. In this case you will need to have your passport, if the SIM card is decorated on you. Write a statement to jump to the desired rate and give it to the operator.
To change the tariff plan without leaving home, using the services on the website of the mobile operator. Open the official website of the company Tele 2 and enter the section "Tariffs". Click on the label rate to get acquainted with its description and prices for services. Click "go to plan" and follow the instructions.
Manage the settings of your personal account and tariff plan in the mobile telephone. Free dial 611 and press the call key. You can listen to the voice menu and switch rate by pressing certain digits of your mobile phone, follow the prompts for "robot".
If you select a tariff plan and connect to it, you need expert help, call 611 and wait until the recorded voice menu. You will automatically be connected to the duty operator. Ask him questions and ask them to transfer you to any tariff plan. Please note that in order to control the operation of the operator and quality control advise all current conversations are recorded.