You will need
  • - soft tissue;
  • - warm water;
  • - means on care of a parquet.
Pour into a bucket of slightly warm water. Add detergent is required. If all the floors in your home parquet, let the bucket during cleaning in the bathroom, if the coating of the corridor allows for direct exposure to moisture, can place a bucket there. This condition is necessary because the flooring does not tolerate prolonged exposure to water.
Use a soft rag that is well drained. Wash your floor with warm water, strongly pressing the cloth. Hardwood floor flooding with water should not be allowed. It is fraught with the drying up and loss of the parquet blocks, and can also lead to the creaking parquet.
Finding on the parquet floor stain, or other severe contamination, use soapy water, dabbing them with a cloth and wiping her spot, immediately wiping it dry place. If the stain in this case is not moved, use a special stain remover for carpets.
Dry the floor. Then, depending on what is covered your flooring - parquet oil or varnish, use a Polish or mastic for the floor. Grate your floor mastic with a special brush in the case, if the flooring covered with special oil. If your home has a motorised brush, evenly RUB the paste in the parquet of the die. You can then achieve an even greater Shine, zapolirovan mastic felt. Periodically rubbing your flooring wax with the polisher, you can extend the life of your gender. Varnished floors are rubbed Polish for parquet with a soft cloth to Shine.