You will need
  • Board for restoration of the parquet, mastic or nails, varnish.
In order to replace a defective bar, you need to know exactly what is the basis of the floor, which is parquet, as this depends on the technology laying flooring. If it is concrete, then popping out of the floorboard clean off the old putty and carefully remove it from the slot in which lay the die itself. After this will only pour on the basis of fresh mastic and inserted into a cell pre-cooked the bar.
To nail bar by nails to the edge. This will require special nails for siding that have no heads. Drive them to the edge of the Board, utaplivaja hats into. After further processing of the flooring nails will become invisible.
If concerned about the cracks formed between the planks after many years of operation, the floor, the complete renovation of the flooring may not need. Just enough to fill the cracks with special cement. This method is suitable only in the case when the gaps between the dies aren't too great.
Once the form is restored floor, try sanding the parquet and cover it with a fresh coat of varnish.