You will need
  • - engine oil Cup;
  • - claw hammer;
  • - chisel.
Listen to the creak of your door, try to determine the cause of her difficulty, opening and closing the door. Can be applied to the palm loops for easy diagnosis. If the creaking happens when the abrasion of the metal, outside will have a noticeable dark metallic powder.
Prepare a grease gun. If the door is hung on hinges, i.e. it is able to get her up, open the door to the end. Then, move under the door the dog, after having protected the floors of the room. Holding the door by hand by lifting it with a claw hammer closer to the end, where there are loops (with the best assistant). This method is suitable in the case when just take the door off the hinges is not possible.
Pry off the door and remove it in that case, if you make it easy. Put it on the floor. Grease the places where the metal would be lighter here and there is a friction that causes the creak of the door.
If the door is not hung, i.e. the construction of the door hinge of the other, pour the oil on top into the area of the axis of the loop. In addition, if the loop is massive, it is possible to drill in their case a small hole through which to pour the oil then.
If the cause of the difficulty was the friction of wood on metal, in places scuff marks on the wood, it becomes polished and colorful cover hinges shall be cleaned to bare metal. At such places between the hinge and the jamb, you can also drop a little oil, but better with a knife or chisel to increase the gap between the jamb and hinge.
Sometimes the door is locked without clearance and rubbing on the jamb, veneer doors in this place can move, especially if the door is MDF and publish an unpleasant sound. Check for loose hinges and tighten the screws. Then the veneer must be glued or nailed in place, and the end of the door touches in place you can cut, if need be.