Carefully inspect the parent boardsin the presence of her two-digit led seven-segment indicator. If it is, then POST-map boardshave already built. Then buy individual boardshave makes sense only in the case if you are going to test the motherboard and other circuit boardss or if more convenient text and not code view Troubleshooting information.
Select the interface on which POST card will connect to the mother boardsE. Today, the vast majority of these boards have slots PCI. But in some industrial embedded computers still use the ISA interface. If you have to deal with those and with other cars, buy POST-cards of both standards.
Decide which method of reporting errors is more convenient for you: code or text. Board, followed by a text indicator, more expensive, but not require the user to memorize codes, or finding information about them on the Internet.
If you got a card with a coded indication and the reference codes of the faults in its delivery was not, go to the following website: the same in the case if data about the error codes that the parent plats that you see in the database plats with plain text display. On the website in the list on the left, select the manufacturer and the BIOS version. If the computer fails to start, and another near there, you can use to access the website by mobile phone. To avoid interference, keep it at a distance of not less than a meter from the open computer case, and at a minimum distance of 30 centimeters from the keyboard (it may hang and require a reconnect).
Installing and removing a POST card is carried out only when de-energized computer. The power supply must be disconnected from the network physically, you are not even voltage standby power. The implementation of these operations when the machine is plugged in, it is not dangerous for you and for your boardss, and the most POST-card.