To determine the condition of the motherboard is defective or not, you must complete some basic actions that are given below.

With the power off the computer, unplug the mouse, LPT, and other devices. Now turn on the computer. Often it happens that due to some defective devices not working and the whole motherboard.
If the motherboard fails then you need to check that it operates correctly Reset button. Is that it is "short". Disconnect the wire F_PANEL – RS from the motherboard.
Check the "short" or not the case of the system unit. To do this, try to put it on a dielectric.
Check the voltage on the battery BIOS. If the voltage is less than 2.9 V, the battery needs to change. Current consumption should be between 3-10 µa.
Module CMOS reset jumper special. You can also pull the battery and leave it for a few minutes.
Adjust the power supply or to check this on another system unit.
Unplug all devices on the motherboard, leave only the CPU. If the power-on, the speaker beeps, the motherboard is in working condition.