You will need
  • Electronic photos, photo editor, computer, Internet.
Collect your photos that are suitable for the visualization of the mailbox. Do not use beach or other very personal photos. Prefer portraits where most of the frame is a face. Assess the compliance of selected images the purpose of this email address. For example, for personal messages, you can use the romantic images, but for business letters it is better to choose a strict photo.
Otkadrirovat using any suitable photo editor selected the. The fact that your post avatar has a square shape. He should be expressive, because its small size does not allow to discern any details. Not only that, some of the mailboxes have a limit on the size of the downloaded file. Therefore, or cut out a big picture of your face or reduce the size of the existing frame to taken on the Internet. As a rule, no more than 100-200 KB. In a separate email providers, for example, there is a built-in ability to select the desired part of the image.
Please check your e - mail. If the service does not recognize you automatically, enter your username and password. Go to settings. In a different post the Internet-resources, they are located in different parts of the letter. For example, if you need to look in the upper right corner, then at the bottom of the page, closer to the center. This may not be the word, and the icon, for example, gears. Select the section that is responsible for information about the owner of the mailbox. In the mail it's called "the sender", and - "Personal data".
Load the prepared photo. To do this, click on the appropriate link and you will see the standard form. Select the path to the file on your computer or specify the url where it is necessary to take a photo. Some services allow you to take picture with web camera. Click Zagruzit" and evaluate the results.