You will need
  • Free image editor "Paint.NET" (download from official website: or shareware/paid software for image editing.
In order not to lose the photo quality, it is better not to use to convert the standard program “Paint” from Windows. Use the free program “Paint.NET” in the Russian language. This app is takes up little space on disk and is available even to the beginner. Or install a shareware program for photo editing. It can be a program “Adobe Photoshop”, “Ulead PhotoImpact”, “ACD SeeSystem” and others.
Consider taking how to reduce weight photos in the free program "Paint.NET" Upload the desired photo into the program click "File" - "Open" or drag the picture file into the program window. Now, in order to reduce the weight of the photos, click "File" - "Save as". The smallest amount of graphic files have the extension JPG or JPEG. Files of the type PNG have the best quality JPG is indistinguishable from the human eye, and a larger volume. The biggest weight give pictures formats BMP (bitmap) and TIF. Select the file type JPG/JPEG and click "Save". The screen displays saved photos and the slider to "Quality", defined in percentages. The default quality of JPEG photos 95%. You can drag the slider until the picture quality starts to fall, for example, up to 80-85%. On the right You will see the result after saving (preview) and future weight photos.
Also a good way to lose weight big picture is to change the permissions. To do this, select "Image" - "resize". Modern digital cameras are able to capture images of 4000x3000 pixels or more. You can proportionally decrease the resolution, for example, up to 2560x1920 – this is the resolution of the large monitor. The picture quality will remain the same.
These two ways, You can always reduce the weight of pictures without loss of color and picture quality.