You will need
  • the form of the application form, passport, power of attorney, notarized.
To check out previous places of residence, you must appear in person at a passport office and apply appropriate form to the person responsible for the registration. In addition, you have to leave your passport. By law, the procedure of deregistration should not take more than three working days from the time of reception of documents by the employees of the migration service. After this period, you will again come to the passport office and take back your passport with the required stamp and the piece of departure - it will be required for registration at the new place of residence.
If you are unable to come to the passport office to issue (e.g. are in another city, etc.), you need to go to a notary, have him sign the request for discharge, to issue a power of attorney on the person who will share your interests. Then the data of the paper along with his passport need to transfer this man. And it will do all the necessary things, he will show you the power of attorney in your name and hand over your application and passport, and then take and return executed documents.
There is another option. You propitiates at the new place of residence. Then the employee of the FMS (Federal migration service) sends a request for discharge to the relevant authority at the place of your registration. The reason for this is paragraph 31 of the Rules of registration and removal of citizens of the Russian Federation from the registration account at the place of stay and place of residence within the Russian Federation. Of course, in this case the procedure will take as much time as the management and service will exchange letters between themselves. But you will not need the personal presence or participation of a mediator.