After the usual formatting, re-formed a table of files, where it is specified that it is empty. However, the files after normal formatting is not deleted and not moved anywhere. Even if in their place a new recorded files, are still recoverable works special programs. The same story goes for deleting and creating logical disk of the Winchester. But if you used low-level formatting then write "missing". All information is subjected to low-level formatting is lost. Also, if the hard drive starts to "crumble", then disappearing clusters will carry to the grave and all the information contained therein.
Even the continuous improvement of media cannot save us from this problem. Still – the reasons for it varied. Accidentally formatted the wrong drive, accidentally pressed the button, picked up a virus or Trojan... But the loss of information can even lead to very serious consequences. First, you may lose important electronic documents, required to work in the office, and secondly- just a pity if your favorite movie or song accidentally deleted.
When you delete a large file, his disappearance is a snap. However, this system is "cunning" by renaming it to become invisible to the user. In fact, deleted files can be on the hard disk for some time until it is overwritten by new files. After overwriting to recover the file will not succeed.
And yet, as you can get to deleted files and bring them back to life? The answer is with the help of special programs. However, be aware that 100% guarantee of success they do not.