You will need
  • Easy Recovery.
Use Easy Recovery to search and recover important deleted files from your hard drive or external drives. Before installing the application make sure that you select the version suitable for your operating system. Run the installation program Easy Recovery and restart the computer.
It is important to consider the fact that the install app should be on the unformatted partition of the hard drive. This approach will prevent the overwriting of deleted information. Launch Easy Recovery by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop.
Select the mode "recover data". In that case, if you clean a certain section of your hard disk, navigate to the item "Restore after format". Check the box next to "Deep scan". Scroll left click the local disk that will be analyzed by the program. Click "Next".
Specify settings for local disk. Note that in this column you need to choose characteristics that Tom had prior to formatting. If you changed the file system, specify this fact. Click "Scan".
The process of analysis of remote information can take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes. A lot depends on the speed of the hard drive and the size of the scanned local disk. Wait for getting a list of files found. Those that should be retained in its original state, select ticks.
Click "Save". Select the external drive or hard drive partition, where will be placed the selected files. Click "Next". Wait for processing.
Apply a function "file repair" if some data was corrupted in the recovery process. The main purpose of the specified function – restoration of documents and archives of various types.