The easiest option available to any Windows user is a utility recording. Go through the following path: start - > All programs - > Accessories - > Entertainment - > sound Recorder. Run the program. Connect the microphone to the computer via a suitable connector (usually it is located on the rear panel and has a pink color), click the button and begin speaking or playing a musical instrument. This program only allows you to record sound, but does not allow it to handle so it is used only to beginners.
More professional software - All Sound Recorder. It consists of two parts: the actual recording program and a mini-editor with filters to clean the sound from background noise. After recording, save the resulting sound file in one of three available formats: WAV, 3-OGG, MP3.
Another popular digital audio editor – Sound Forge. This program is used mainly by musicians for processing compositions and other special effects. In addition, it allows you to convert files from one format to another.
Before recording, regardless of the program selected, try to get rid of any extraneous noise and to be alone in the room, especially if you are going to record voice. Very convenient to use headphones with an attached microphoneom - they will leave your hands free to operate the computer. Read the textbooks according to the program to see what additional effects you can apply to future writing.