You will need
  • A laptop with a sound card
  • Program for recording sound
  • Microphone
  • Adapter
First we need to choose a program to record sound. You can use the standard Windows sound Recorder (to start it go to start – All programs – Accessories – sound Recorder), or choose another paid or free program to record audio. Some of the popular are such powerful soundnew editors like Sound Forge, Audition, etc. Select the one software product that is more to your taste.
Prepare the microphone. Typically, the input connector on the sound ofthe new card has an interface socket and the microphone plug has an interface jack. Professional microphones plug usually has a XLR interface. Accordingly, in order to connect the microphone to the soundnovel, you must buy a special adapter.
Connect a microphone to the soundcard of the new laptop. Open "start" – "control Panel" – "Sound". Locate the "Recording" tab and adjust the microphone volume. Speak into the microphone test phrase, for example: "one, two, three, – to make sure it is working.
Run the selected program for recording sound. Create a new file (project) and click the record button. On the toolbar of the program, it is often done by icon in a red circle. Recording, record from the microphone you need the soundI. When you want to interrupt recording press the "Stop" button (usually an icon in the form of a small square). Depending on the complexity of the selected program you can perform additional processing of the recorded soundof the new track. Then save the file.