Advice 1: How to record sound on a laptop

Contrary to popular belief, the laptop is exactly the same as on your computer, you can record sound. The laptop has an integrated soundowou map, so to record soundand enough to only have software for recording audio and a microphone.
How to record sound on a laptop
You will need
  • A laptop with a sound card
  • Program for recording sound
  • Microphone
  • Adapter
First we need to choose a program to record sound. You can use the standard Windows sound Recorder (to start it go to start – All programs – Accessories – sound Recorder), or choose another paid or free program to record audio. Some of the popular are such powerful soundnew editors like Sound Forge, Audition, etc. Select the one software product that is more to your taste.
Prepare the microphone. Typically, the input connector on the sound ofthe new card has an interface socket and the microphone plug has an interface jack. Professional microphones plug usually has a XLR interface. Accordingly, in order to connect the microphone to the soundnovel, you must buy a special adapter.
Connect a microphone to the soundcard of the new laptop. Open "start" – "control Panel" – "Sound". Locate the "Recording" tab and adjust the microphone volume. Speak into the microphone test phrase, for example: "one, two, three, – to make sure it is working.
Run the selected program for recording sound. Create a new file (project) and click the record button. On the toolbar of the program, it is often done by icon in a red circle. Recording, record from the microphone you need the soundI. When you want to interrupt recording press the "Stop" button (usually an icon in the form of a small square). Depending on the complexity of the selected program you can perform additional processing of the recorded soundof the new track. Then save the file.
Useful advice
If you do not need to record large amounts of audio information and thus to carry out their subsequent processing, there is not much point in using a powerful audio editors. The simpler the program the easier it is to understand it, especially the beginner. But its main task and so it is successful.

Advice 2: How to record audio on Windows

The Windows operating system provides a huge variety of features, including sound recorder, which often prove useful not only as entertainment but also in work.
window recording on windows 7
Windows operating system allows you to record sound in several ways. In any case, the process will require the computer serviceable sound card. Need to play speakers and a standard player such as Windows Media Player.

Record sound from microphone

Record sound from microphone and standard program is the simplest option, if we are not talking about the necessity of getting superior quality without extraneous noises. Requires the included microphone. It can be switched on via "start"-"control Panel"-"Sound", in the opened window, the "Recording" tab.

In modern versions of Windows required built-in program called sound recorder. It is easy to find in the menu "start"-"All programs"-"Accessories"-"sound Recorder". The program is very intuitive, the buttons are rendered, as in an ordinary player: just click "start recording" to complete – "stop recording", and then automatically opens the dialog box save as, where you can enter a name for the resulting file and choose its location. If the recording should continue, instead of "save", click on "cancel" then "continue": thus, all the sound will be recorded in a single file.

Record sound without microphone

You can record sound without a microphone, for example, enabled on the computer of the movie. It will have to work with stereomixer. You can find it here where the headset is activated ("start"-"control Panel"-"Sound", in the opened window, the "Recording" tab). If the "record" no point "stereomixer", most likely, it is just hidden. To see him succeed, right click the mouse on any blank area of the window and selecting "show disabled devices". When stereomixer will appear in the zone of visibility, you need to enable it as the default device and disable the microphone. Further, the recorder is the standard way discussed above.

In some cases, with sound recording by using stereomixer problems arise. Then it makes sense to try any of the programs (paid or free), focused on recording audio from the computer. A lot of them and choose to be in accordance with the type of operating system and your preferences. For example, these programmes include: Total Recorder, Sound Forge, AudioSP, Audacity and many others.
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