You will need
  • - knitting yarn;
  • - yarn for felting;
  • - a crochet hook;
  • hook felting;
  • - beads;
  • - starch;
  • fishing line;
  • - fittings for beads.
Beads can be made of ordinary pompoms. To do this, take two rectangular piece of cardboard, wrap them around the thread, pass one thread between the cardboard and then cut the thread to make a pompom. After making a few POM-poms, you can collect them from the beads.
If the bone is dense and looks like a thin waxed laces, wrap them in a few dozen turns around the stretched hands of your assistant, or perhaps around the pan. Carefully make a cut on the resulting roll. The result should be equal periods of threads. Take a few large wooden beads, or beads made of erasers. You can also use suspension. String beads or charms on the cut thread. You can string beads on a separate thread or write in between the gaps, tying on the yarn nodules. Then take a wide clasp for beads and clamp them on the ends of the cut threads. Also thread, you can braid in a braid.
You can knit beads. To make the beads, thread for knitting, take the hook and tie a small openwork squares or circles. They should resemble a small napkin. Make five to seven harmony with each other parts, necromante them and connect with a pair of threads. Connecting strings to string matching colored beads, using them to delineate crocheted items beads. To associate the beads and not of the individual elements and a lace collar.
Another version of the knitted beads suggests the presence of beads-the basics. It should be large beads of any material. Such beads need to tie the thread through the hook, then assemble on a thread or fishing line. Tying beads, you can make a tight binding or openwork pattern. In tightly wrapped beads, you can sew on beads or sequins.
If your threads are wool and have a fairly loose structure, the beads are matted. For this purpose you can get yarn for felting and a special hook. Head dark loose wool yarns and mix them so that the wool fibers located in a different direction, then roll up into a small ball. Stick this ball and remove the needle felting, holding it vertically. Rotate the ball, dumping the wool before the formation of the beads of the desired density and shape. Such beads are pierced with a needle and fishing line not going. They can be decorated with beads, sequins or ribbons. Also, these beads can be combined with conventional glass, wood or other.