You will need
  • - beads;
  • - nylon thread;
  • needle;
  • two of kropotova;
  • - a clip for the site.
  • - the coupling ring;
  • - lobster clasp;
  • glue "Moment" or "Super glue".
Buy in store jewelry special metal clasp for beads. For example, it may consist of lock-carabiner clip, clip for hair , the nodeka and the coupling ring of a small size. Choose furniture that is appropriate to the main style and colors of the beads.
Pay particular attention to the quality of the coupling ring. From the fortress that little metal parts will directly depend on the reliability of the clasp as a whole. As a rule, when assembling the beads used have a diameter of 5-10 mm; the thickness can vary from 0.2 mm to 0.9. Check with the seller – he will pick up to lock the carabiner connecting the corresponding item number.
String the beads on doubled nylon thread (fishing line) using a thick needle. The remaining "tail" of the working of the fishing line through the hole located on the edge of the clamp node. Tighten the fittings tightly to the last busine range and run a few tight knots.
Cut off the excess fishing line, leaving the free end of a length of approximate 3 mm. Gently singe it with a lighter or match so that molten synthetic frozen in the form of a ball. For more reliable fixing product apply to the node 1-2 drops of glue "Moment" or "Super glue".
Connect the metal ring and clip. To do this, you should first uncover the free ends of the fittings, and then securely nail them. Place the ring connecting the top; squeeze one end with pliers and pull the other to his second forceps. Detail should be disclosed on the perpendicular axis! To close the ring, squeeze it with pliers.
So, from one end of the beads you have installed the clamp and the ring. Now on the opposite side of the jewelry supply lobster clasp. It is also equipped with a clip for the site. Fix it on the tip of the working scaffold on the steps of sample No. 3-4.
Clasp for beads ready. To wear jewelry on the neck, you need to open the carabiner, insert it in the connecting ring and close again.