Advice 1: How to remove hidden icons

On the right side of Windows task bar between the language area and the clock is the notification area, or as they call it – Trey. There are icons of programs that are minimized to save space on the main panel space. They can work in the background, i.e., without drawing attention to processes. It can contain icons for various media players, programs download files, ICQ clients, etc. With increase in the number of icons the panel can be stretched.
How to remove hidden icons
Just right click the "start" button in the lower left corner, then selected in the next menu "Properties", open the Properties window of the taskbar and start menu" if you have Windows XP.
Go to the tab "task Bar" make sure that in the "notification Area" is checked on the "Hide unused icons". This feature allows you to remove the hidden icons that are not used for an extended period of time.
Select "Customize". In the window that appears "customize notifications" tab in "Current items" expand the entire list and select a convenient version of the proposal: hide when inactive (the icon will disappear only if you had not applied to him), always hide (icon will always be hidden) or always show (and, therefore, will be continuously displayed).
Click "OK" and close all Windows. If on your computer you're using Windows Vista, the procedure is to remove the hidden icons will be a little different.
Right-click your mouse on the "start menu", select "Properties".
In the opened window "Properties taskbar and start menu", select the tab "notification Area".
In the "Icons" put a tick on the "Hide unused icons", if there is not, and click "Configure".
Choose in the window "customize notification icons" section "Current elements", and fully expand the list and select the desired item: hide when inactive (the icon will only get in if you had not referred to his program), always hide (icon will always be hidden to the taskbar) or always show (and, therefore, will be continuously displayed in the system tray).
Click "OK" and close all open Windows.
Useful advice
Make sure that the changes in the icons will be more convenient for you.

Advice 2 : How to remove the program from the taskbar

Many users each time the computer is loaded with a large number of programs. For example, antivirus, firewall, Skype, and more. As standard they are all displayed in the system tray of the panel of tasks. If in addition, during the operation of a computer to run five to ten major work programs (text editor, browser, mail program, file Explorer, etc.), and the task bar is overloaded with elements that will greatly complicate your attitude and clutter workspace. You often need to hide the extra taskbar items.
How to remove the program from the taskbar
You will need
  • a computer running the Windows operating system.
If you want to remove or reduce the number of programs that appear in the system tray, you can go two ways. First check whether all the programs that load at startup, you need? Often items such as the icon of the control center sound card, completely useless. They can't just hide, but remove from startup. The easiest way is to use msconfig, which comes with all versions of Windows older than Windows 2000. Run msconfig (standard start - > Run -> msconfig), then go to the tab "startup" and disable (uncheck) the unwanted items. After that, click OK and restart the computer.
You can also configure the option to hide unused items in the tray. To do this, click the left mouse button sequentially on "start" -> "settings" -> "task Bar and start menu" and put a check in the "Hide unused icons". Clicking the "Configure" button, you determine how it will be hide icons. If you want they do not show in the system tray, choose "Always hide". Otherwise, if you want the element was hidden only in the absence of this program, leave the default or select the "Hide if inactive.
In addition, you can use the standard capabilities of the program. Some programs can be set up so that when you minimize they will be in the tray. And already in the tray, if needed, you can hide them as described above. To remove a program in Windows Seven from the taskbar, just use the standard option. Move the cursor to the unwanted program, then press the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "unpin this program from taskbar".
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