First let's make sure you have opened the online account in one of payment systems. To withdraw money it is best to use popular services such as WebMoney (e-mail address or Yandex.Money (website address If you do not have account in any of these payment systems, you need to register. How to do it, you can read on their official websites. You'll need to enter your personal and passport details, and when you open the account in the system Yandex you will need to have a mailbox. When registering please indicate your real data, it is necessary to confirm in case of emergency your identity. Don't be afraid to leave information about themselves all the data is securely protected and are only passed over encrypted communication protocols.
To find a service through which you can withdraw and withdraw money from mobile account today is quite easy, just type in the search engine query, type "a withdrawal from a mobile account and go to the most optimal resource. The main drawback of the money order account number is the fact that it is impossible to withdraw the entire amount. Your account must remain a certain balance that each operator sets their own.
In order to withdraw funds from your mobile phone, you need to send a message to the proposed short number. In order not to run into scams, carefully fill in your payment details, then call the helpdesk of your mobile operator and ask about the cost of sending messages on this number. If the amount indicated on the service website matches the amount that you will tell the consultant may, without fear, send an SMS message. If the values are different (on the portal specify a lower cost for the service, find another service to withdraw money with the method above or consult the network operator.