You will need
  • - SIM card Beeline
  • - be aged at least 14 years
  • - passport or residence permit in Russia
  • - Internet
To withdraw funds from the account of the SIM card first make sure that on the balance of your room Beeline has the required amount as per transaction withdrawal fee is charged from 4,95% to 5.95% of the requested amount.
The Commission does not reduce the withdrawal amount and is deducted from the account advanced. Check the positive account balance by dialing *102# call or #102# call or call 0697.
Send from your phone Beeline to the number 7878 free message like this: "Uni Ivan Ivanov 1000 Petrov Petr Petrovich", where "Uni" means that the operation output will be produced by the system Unistream "Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich" is the data sender 1000 is the amount in rubles and "Peter Peter" - the recipient data.
To send your own request for withdrawal of cash, enter in the appropriate field your name and the recipient's details as they are recorded in the passport, and indicate the amount you need from 100 to 14000 rubles. All message options be sure to write a space.
Wait for SMS message with the number 8464 confirming receipt of your application for money transfer. Confirm your desire to perform the transfer of funds positive response to this message.
Will receive the following SMS-message from number 7878 information on successful transfers. The report also will show the amount of funds transferred, charged Commission and a special number necessary to obtain cash at the point of service.
Also the application for transfers can be sent from the site operator.Money." To do this, type your phone number into the form on the submit page and click "Get password".
After receiving the SMS-message with the password, log in to the service and send a request specifying the desired data. After submitting data will receive a transfer confirmation and a special code for the issuance of money in points Unistream.
The Internet to find the nearest point of issue of money transfers Unistream in Russia. Come to the desired point of delivery of funds and give the employee a special number of the last message and the sender.
Then present your passport or residence card to confirm your identity. After verification of the documents will receive the ordered amount of money.