You will need
  • -the brick or iron for furnace
  • -iron capacity for Smoking
  • metal rods for hanging products
  • -cover and capacity
  • metal pipe
  • -metal grille
Smokehouse for hot Smoking can be done very simply. You just need to build the furnace and to install the capacity for Smoking. Smoke treatments will occur at high temperature and any kind of products you can smoke for 1-3 hours.
The furnace can be made of brick or iron. Top make a hole for admission of smoke.
On the firebox place the container without a bottom. For this purpose, suitable old iron barrel or any other metal container.
At the bottom of the tank install the grill, top attach the rods for hanging products and cover. All the smoker ready.
Products smoked not be too long-term storage. You need to store them in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
Products cold-smoked stored for 5-6 months, without losing the original taste, and stored in a cool place in wooden boxes or canvas bags. For their preparation used the smokehouse for cold Smoking.
For its production, as in the first case it is necessary to construct a furnace of brick or iron. It to leave the side hole for the pipe through which the smoke capacity will come smoke.
From the firebox to dig a trench 4-6 meters. Insert into the side hole of the furnace tube.
Over end of tube install the smoke chamber. It will fit an iron tank without a bottom.
Instead of the bottom set of iron bars.
At the top of the tank, attach the metal bars for hanging products and close the smoker lid.
Cold Smoking is performed within 2-4 days. The smoke temperature does not increase to high levels, just maintain in the furnace a slow combustion using a wet hardwood sawdust for a large admission of smoke.