To see the address of the link, move it to the mouse pointer. The address will appear in the lower left corner of the browser. To dictate it without error, call the Latin letter, as it is in a familiar companion foreign language (English, German, French, etc.).
If you communicate via Skype using a webcam, point the lens at the bottom left corner of the browser to the interviewee saw it. If you do not have camera focus lever move the lens normal lens. You can also copy the link to clipboard (right click - "Copy image address"). Then open a text editor, put the link in a new document (Ctrl-V), enlarge the font to the desired size and display with the camera companion.
You can also send the link via Skype with a text message. To do this, move the mouse pointer to the name of the interlocutor in the contacts list, press right button and select menu item "Send message" or similar (the exact name depends on version). Put the link into the input field (Ctrl-V) and send it.
Some versions of Skype text messaging is not provided. In this case, instead of the local client, use the IMO service is located at the following address: the local client if it was open. Choose from the logos on the main page the Skype icon, enter your username and password, and will display a familiar list of contacts. Double-click on the desired, then a dialog box appears, as in instant messaging, like ICQ or Jabber. Place in the input field link and press Enter it will go to the source. Do not attempt to connect to the Skype service from the local client and using the service at the same time IMO.