You will need
  • - network cable.
Use a network cable to create a local network between a laptop and a computer. Connect with it, the network adapters of the system unit and the laptop.
After the implementation of this operation, you already got a working local network. Now configure the network adapters so that the laptop could access the Internet using the connection from your computer to the server of the provider. Connect second network card to the system unit.
Install the drivers for this device. Connect the network adapter with the cable provider. Set up a new connection to the Internet if it is not ready to work.
Open the properties of the created connection. Select the tab "Access". Activate the first item of this menu, allowing the LAN computers to use this Internet connection. In the following paragraph, specify your local network.
Navigate to the network adapter connected to the laptop. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP(v4). Click "Properties". Set this NIC to use a static IP address, the value of which is
Open the Windows firewall settings. Add the local network formed by PC and laptop in the exceptions list. Configuring the system unit is complete.
Open network connections on the laptop. Go to properties of the network card connected to the computer. Open the properties of Internet Protocol TCP/IP(v4). Complete the first four fields of this menu following parameters:- IP address;
- Standard subnet mask;
- – default gateway;
- – Preferred DNS server.Save the options in the menu.
Connect to the Internet on the stationary computer. Make sure that the laptop had access to the Internet.