Materials and tools

To replace the system unit, you will need:
- new system unit;
- screwdriver;
- package reference documentation for all devices in the system unit;
media software all existing devices.


Replace the system unit is a replacement computer. During this operation you will have to solve two main tasks, namely: to provide hardware and functional combination of devices. The first step in this direction, you will have to make at the stage of acquiring a new system unit. Buying the system unit, be sure to demand the documentation on it. Check the documentation to see whether the architecture you intend to purchase a computer for those tasks that you are going to solve with its help. The importance of speed and type of CPU, amount of memory (RAM), hard disk space, settings of the graphics card. Note the connectors of the graphics card. Depending on the type of your current monitor, you'll need a video card that has VGA (analog) or DVI (digital) video outputs. Their connectors are different. In addition, if you plan to bring the video signal to the TV, you may need connectors S-Video or perhaps HDMI. If you are interested in the multimedia of your computer, you should see what sound card you have installed. Its parameters and number of channels must also be specified in the documentation. To connect the keyboard and mouse on the back of the system unit is sometimes placed connectors PS/2. If not, then you will have to use USB connectors. The latter is not always desirable, as it leads to a decrease in the number of available USB ports required for connection to mobile devices. USB ports are available on any modern machine, but their number varies. Make sure that your goals will be enough. It is desirable that the architecture of the computer included network adapter with LAN-connector this will allow you to connect your computer to a local network or the Internet. The presence of the FireWire you will need in the event if warranted by existing peripheral device. The same applies to SCSI devices.

Connection and setup

If the hardware configuration of the new system Boca you are satisfied, you can proceed to install it. First, collect a minimum configuration: system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse. If your computer have ports PS/2, next to them, already bear the symbols of the mouse and keyboard. Socket on the sound card are color-coded. Other connectors to confuse almost impossible. When you connect the monitor cable can sometimes require a screwdriver, all the other connections are made without tools. The old system sometimes blocks located three-pole socket for power supply of the monitor. If the new building it is not, get to monitor the network cable and use it. In that case, when you have preset the desired operating system, you can immediately proceed to installing device drivers of external devices and necessary software. In other cases, you will need to install or reinstall the operating system. Additional software necessary for all devices of the new system unit, you must provide his supplier.