Sweating, the body protects itself from overheating - it is the only physiological process. Incidentally, sweat is useful, for example, then goes a large number of harmful substances contained in our body.

It is known that sweat glands located throughout the body, less sweating is not physically. Another thing is the odor produced by this physiological process. But then the fault is not the body, and the bacteria that contribute to decomposition of substances causing the same flavor.

Sweat to health as they say! And of course in moderation. But what if the problem of sweat becomes acute, and you feel the need to fight it?

From what you will drink soothing, less sweat will not become the first and only correct way of solving this problem is a visit to the doctor. Remember, excessive sweating could be a sign of serious illness, which need to diagnose as early as possible. For example, sweating can be the cause of the weakening of cardiac activity, and in the night time — tuberculosis.

If you are constantly sweating and thirsty, there is a suspicion of diabetes. The constant feeling of fear, coupled with trembling, and then says, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid disease. Having established the root cause of sweat, you get rid of the "Smokinya", and won't sweat.

Often, there are cases where a survey does not give any results, the man is sweating because he is so constituted. And you're not the only one, there are a large number of people who have autonomic nervous system is faltering. The consequence of this is sweating. Treatment there are used complex. First, it's a sedative drug, and secondly, physical therapy, and various wiping and dusting. Try wiping your armpits with a cotton swab dipped in table vinegar (10%) - in few weeks You will notice that the smell of sweat, almost imperceptible.