You will need
  • So, if you are connected to computer modem and the system does not see it, or sees it but says its wrong job – you'll need the disk supplied with the modem or the latest version of the driver, downloaded from official website manufacturer.
If you do not have a software CD for your modem, go to the official website of the manufacturer. In the section "Support" or "Downloads", search for your model of modem, select the operating system version (XP, Vista, 7) installed on the computer and download the latest version of the driver.
Now click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer", select "system Properties" or "System" and click on the tab "Equipment". Click the "device Manager" and you will see a list of all the installed equipment. Find the modem, and clicking on it, right-click, select "Properties". On the Driver tab click "Update". This will start the add hardware Wizard.
If you have a disk with the driverohms, select the install from disk, if not, specify the path to the file that you downloaded. After that will be installed driver modem, and the system will report the device is ready to work.