You will need
    • 3 LT of water;
    • a fistful of agates;
    • the shell of belemnites;
    • the membrane filter;
    • three-liter transparent Bank;
    • kettle.
Take care what you insist the water. You can do it only on agates. This stone, which anciently considered magical, it is found in many places. It is a variety of chalcedony, its chemical formula is SiO2. That is, the water obtained with a silicon content. Agates are found in many places, you can take any. Most suitable sarovskie Agatha. You can add shells belemnites. In people, this fossil was called the "devil's finger". In this case, the water will contain calcium.
Prepare water. Normal water need to dechlorinate. Pour it in the kettle and heat to about 70°C. to Boil is not necessarily enough to bring to the white boil and turn off. Let the water cool to room temperature.
Filter the water. To do this, use a membrane filter. In selling a lot of them, among them and inexpensive which is quite suitable for such purpose. This procedure is necessary to remove always existing in water suspension. If you have spring water, dechlorinate it is usually not necessary. You need to filter any water.
The stones and shells of belemnites rinse well and pour over boiling water. Lay them on a clean Board and allow to dry in the sun. The Board can be the most usual cutting. It must be very well washed.
Put down the rocks and fossils at the bottom of a glass three-liter jar. Gently pour prepared water over there. Place container in a bright place, but so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Water steep for 3 days. From one pile of stones mineral water can be prepared so many times. Just don't forget to wash them and dry them in the sun.