The recipe skewers marinated in mineral water

In order to prepare a delicious barbecue on the proposed recipe, prepare the following ingredients:
- meat of pork — 1.5 kg;
- lemon — 4 PCs.;
- onions — 1 kg;
- mineral water — 1,5 l;

It is very important to carefully approach the choice of meat. Give preference to fresh homemade pork. For barbecue perfect neck piece or ham. No less tasty kebabs will succeed and pork ribs. Please note that if you decide to cook barbecue rib, this recipe will require more than pulp, about 2 kg.

Cut meat into small even pieces. The ribs divide into portions 1-2 ribs. Lemons thoroughly wash and squeeze the juice. To facilitate the process of squeezing the juice, put citrus in boiling water for 2-3 minutes or heat in a microwave oven. In a deep dish mix well the meat with lemon juice.

Peeled onion cut into small cubes or thin half-rings. Add to the bowl with the meat. Mix well, add salt, pepper and spices. It is easiest to use the ready mix of spices for barbecue. You can prepare this mixture. To do this, mix black pepper, red and white peppers, add paprika, and Khmeli-suneli, sprinkle a little coriander and Terry. Mix everything thoroughly in the bowl with the meat and leave for 15-20 minutes in the room.

Pour the prepared barbecue silnogazirovannoy mineral water and marinate at least 2 hours. The best option is to leave the meat soaked overnight.

The marinade

There are some rules that should be followed in order to cook a wonderful tender barbecue.

First, the meat must be completely covered by the marinade. Very good effect will give a press, laid on the topmost layer of meat. He will not allow the meat to lose juice, the shish kebab will turn softer and juicier.

The marinade from the mineral water affects the structure of meat only due to the gas bubbles penetrating into it. This marinade adds barbecue no foreign specific taste, like wine or vinegar. So choose a soaking way, if you want to accentuate the natural taste of grilled meat.

Try different ways of marinating meats, and you will find the perfect recipe of kebabs.